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    Select and Mask ends up selecting everything?


      I am trying to Select a tulip flower - some yellow/orange/red coloration - from a light grey background.  When I use Select and Mask, I get so far and the flower selects according to "plan" and then "all of a sudden", the whole image is selected - the marching ants go from just the flower to the outside of the image.  I have tried using different size brushes and even reverted to the basic Quick Select tool and it still continues to go from having most of the flower head and stem selected to having the whole image selected - flower and background - marching ants around the outside of the image.  This is driving me crazy as I do not know what to do next.  Perhaps my "settings" on the S&M panel need adjustment, but I have tried a few things, changing some of those and nothing that I try seems to stop this move to select the entire image from happening.  I am finding this extremely frustrating.  Any insight that anyone would care to provide will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.