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    URLRequest Timeout?

      I've currently got an XHTML/JavaScript AIR application. I'm using the air.URLRequest method to request files available on a web server. After checking to make sure that Internet access is available I create a new URLRequest variable (see below) and attach to it a number of event listeners.

      What seems to be happening is that things will run fine most of the time. However, occasionally, for whatever reason, a file will 'hang' during download and events are never fired.

      I'd like to try and avoid hard coding a javascript timeout value to force the issue. However, if none of the following events are never fired my app never proceeds to grab the next in the series. The user has to close the application and reopen. Is there a better way to handle uncompleted download requests?


      var urlReq = new air.URLRequest(urlString);
      myProcess.addEventListener(air.Event.COMPLETE, imageOnComplete);
      myProcess.addEventListener(air.IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, imageIOErrorHandler);
      myProcess.addEventListener(air.SecurityErrorEvent.SECURITY_ERROR, imageSecurityErrorHandler);