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    Can pdf form be kept editable even after digitally signed?

    akunce Level 1

      I made a mistake on designing a form that requires signatures.

      Basically, there is a cover page that sould be removed, and often attachments are included, that will have to be converted to pdf and appended to the form.

      But I made a mistake and have three places where signatures are required. Once someone signs, the pdf cannot be edited or saved in a way where the certified signatures are retained.


      So should I put digital signature fields in where needed, then in properties set the field that "nothing happens" when signed? Will that allow me to remove the cover page and append the attachments? Will that work?



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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          No. That "Nothing happens" option only refers to locking form fields. The rest of the contents of the file will still be locked.

          That's pretty much the entire point of a digital signature, to ensure that a file is not edited once signed.

          If you want to edit it you need to do so before signing it, or use a different form of signature, like a check-box they will tick or a text field where they enter their name, or a stamp or something like that.