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    Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: Cannot Edit PDF Text


      Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

      Macbook Pro Latest Sierra OS



      I am trying to edit a PDF file; nothing special to it. It's a simple text editing task.


      First, I try to add a character space between two words. Won't do it.

      Then I select the text intending to retype it. While it recognizes that the Font is Perpetua, when I change the text, the Font changes to Minion Pro, and the size is increased .


      I chatted to a text support, sent an extracted page of the document. And he said there is nothing Acrobat Pro can do to edit the page. This is unbelievable. I bought the package precisely for the purpose of making minor changes to a PDF file, and I can't do it? Wow.


      Can anyone help?


      (Your case number: 0188843900)