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    Is there any update plan to improve the text markup feature on Acrobat DC pro? I find it inconvenient to write Korean letters on PDF while using a tablet pen.


      Hi, I have found Adobe Acrobat DC Pro very useful and practical.


      But a problem arises when I try to write Korean letters on pdf files


      while using a tablet pen.


      The letters look ill-shaped and unnatural.


      It doesn't work properly.


      I want the Acrobat DC Pro to provide users with


      more updates so that users can find it free and natural


      to write Korean letters on pdf with a tablet pen.


      For another, I want your product to improve


      converting features more because


      it sometimes doesn't work properly when


      I try to convert some Korean and English-containing documents into ms dos files.


      They happen to look broken.


      Other than that, I have been highly satisfied with your product.


      Keep up the good job.


      May your business grow by leaps and bounds.


      God bless you.


      From yours sincerely,


      Jun-ho Kim


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