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    Turn off DNG Label in Lightroom Mobile

    hursey Level 2

      I use Lightroom Mobile to present (additional) Portfolios when sharing my work. Recently Adobe has decided to add labels to images in the thumbnail view indicating when a file is DNG. Does anyone know if there is a way to turn this off?


      I really feel like Adobe is missing the mark in that Lightroom Mobile COULD be a great way to present portfolios and keep them current, but this does not seem to be on their radar for some reason. I know that have a presentation mode but that is more of a slide show and I want people to be able to EASILY browse at their own pace and also have a VERY clean interface.


      In the normal mode, if your viewer inadvertently taps the screen the info panels come up and distracts from the presentation. It would be nice to simply have a presentation mode where someone can move through different galleries at their own pace but not get any of the underlying interfaces....


      But I digress... for now.... can I just get the DNG labels to go away?