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    inDesign 2017 & macOS 10.12.4 corrupt file

    Lenal1 Level 1

      after a day of work on a 88-pages book, I was about to create a pdf for my client and suddenly InDesign got stuck. I am trying all kinds of things to re-cover my file but ID freezes and does not want to open my file in any way. throwing away my preferences, logout CC and login again, disable GPU-prestaties and unchecking energysaving checkboxes as mentioned in other threads. I ran up to another computer with the 2015 ID still running trying to open the file, but it said I couldn't open it since it was made in ID 2017. Ofcourse I need an idml-file for that, but I can only create that if I can first open it in ID2017 which doesn't work.


      Is there anything I can do to recover my file…? I work on a macbook pro 15" retina mid 2015 with 2x8 GB