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    Can someone tell me what the held key shortcuts are?


      I've googled and searched the forums but I can't find them, as I'm not entirely sure what they are called.


      I'm not referring to the normal 'Keyboard Shortcuts', but the ones you hold down to use a specific tool.
      For example if I hold CTRL in my keyboard, it uses the selection tool, and if I hold down spacebar, it uses the hand tool.

      Is there a list for all of these, and also are these customizable?


      I want to set one of these to the eyedropper tool, or more specifically put it on one of the buttons on my tablet pen. The keyboard shortcuts can get me to the eyedropper tool, but I'll need to switch back to whatever tool I was using with another keyboard shortcut and its a bit of an inconvenience to manage, especially when I'm jumping back and forth from one color to another.