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    Thumbnail selections reset to single image a few seconds after moving other images.


      This is a new and annoying phenomenon in Lightroom that has cost me some grief and has upset my clients.   Let's see if I can explain this clearly.  I am often moving images from one folder into a new folder based on image stack numbers - this is for real estate/hdr purposes.   Once I get all images of the same stack size in a folder, I process them outside of Lightroom.  Here is the new annoyance:   After starting to move some images, doesn't matter how many, I'll start selecting another set of image stack thumbnails to move... but at some point my selection resets to the first stack right after the other images have finished moving.    I then have to make my image stack selections again.   If I am fast, I can get the newly selected stacks moved before it resets.  On a few occasions I thought I was moving several stacks but Lightroom has reset the selection to 1 just before they started the move to the new folder... and only 1 stack ends up moved.  I do this multiple times a day and on a few occasions I've not noticed that the stack selections reset, so I only processed one image stack, leaving the others in the original folder.  The next day when I'm delivering the processed images to my client... I'll realize some of them are missing and I'll start swearing at Lightroom for this stupid little bug.  Lightroom didn't used to do this!   Now I have to be vigilant that Lightroom is actually moving all of the images or I may end up not processing all of my client's images.   I either have to wait for Lightroom to finish moving the images to a new folder (somewhere between 2 to 15 seconds) before starting my new selections, or I have to try to get ahead of it and start to move them before it resets.  When doing this about 20 times a day, this time start to add up.

      Please  Adobe, can you fix this?   It's super annoying.    It didn't use to do this a few updates ago.  I kept hoping someone would have pointed out this bug by now and it would be fixed in your newest update... but no.   Why does Lightroom now reset image selections while it's moving other images?