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      What is grain or noise problem and technical issues? I am a very novice beginner and not familiar with these terms, and want to submit better pics.WP_20170310_08_12_16_Pro.jpg20141117_135433.jpgDSCF1161.JPG

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When your pictures are zoomed out so they are small, they look lovely! However, look at them at 100% zoom, at their full size, and you'll see some major issues.

          I'll go image by image and point out the first things I see.



          Look at this crop from your blue sky/snow picture. It looks really ugly at full size. Over-sharpened and maybe blown up? Anyway, there is no detail and it looks very blocky.




          The cloudy/snow/bench picture is just blurry-looking. Nothing is crisp at all. It doesn't look oversharpened like the first picture, but it is not a high quality image. There is no detail and nothing in focus anywhere in the image.




          Is this image supposed to look like an oil painting? It looks like a very heavy noise reduction was applied or something. It doesn't look enough like a painting to pass as an illustration and it doesn't look like a photo at all.


          Again, your images are lovely when they are zoomed out and small, but if you zoom into the details, it all falls apart. So, the first thing I would suggest is that you view your images at 100% resolution when you are checking them. That should help a lot.

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            jeffreya51679612 Level 1

            Hi - there's definite shadow noise in the gray clouds and sharpening artifacts - if you're shooting on a jpeg setting, your camera may be sharpening the images - try shooting raw.


            but also, aside from the fact that your compositions are nice, Adobe is not judging the images, they are using software to detect technical issues and deciding commercial viability - and they're inconsistent. Just keep shooting and uploading - I already sold a photo!