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    Optimization and scaling keyframes

      Hello everyone. I'm new to these forums, but I have searched around for answers to some of the problems I've run into before posting this up. I do not do web design, but actually I design UI for videogames. This is my first time using flash for UI surprisingly and I am trying to find ways to better optimize my scenes.

      Before I begin, I have to say that I'm not using many vectors outside of using them for masking purposes. Since layer effects like bevel and emboss, outer glow, etc. do not carry over in-game when the swf is exported, I have to use textures (targas more specifically) to get around the issue. This makes the scenes very inefficient and rather bloated in size.

      I have already tried adjusting the export options (like changing the jpeg export quality settings from 100 to 50), but there are a few other things I think could help us optimize these scenes and, of course, I don't know how to do it in flash.

      Now, my first issue is adjusting keyframes. I know how to change your FPS in the stage's properties panel, but here's the problem...if you set your fps, start working, and decide to change your fps at a later time, you're in for a world of hurt. Keyframes in your timeline do not scale up or down to match the changes you've made to your stage's fps. So, obviously, my question is... do any of you know how to scale the keyframes in a scene to match your adjusted fps in flash?

      My other optimization related question pertains to the stage size itself. I've been preparing my SWFs for 720p (1280x720). I planned for this resolution just in case we did decide to go with xbox360 and ps3 titles. However, I still need to basically get this SWF at a manageable size for the Wii console. And, when exporting these SWFs to game, I don't think the exporter tools we have in-house automatically reduce sizes of embedded textures and conform the SWF to 480p resolutions.

      So, what I'm asking is, do you know if there's a way to adjust the size of the stage in flash from the CENTER of the stage...AND is there a way to scale the entire scene (and all of the art assets associated with it) to match stage's resolution as you're scaling the stage?

      Any help would be EXTREMELY beneficial and much, much appreciated. In the mean time, I will try and dig a little deeper into these forums and on google. Thanks everyone!

      Please ask, btw, if you need any more clarification. I hope I didn't confuse anyone reading this.
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          RossRitchey Level 4
          Your first question: can you scale the keyframes to fit a new framerate?

          Not that I have ever seen.

          Your second question: can you adjust the stage size from the center of the stage?


          Your third question: can you scale the entire scene as you're scaling the stage?

          No, you cannot scale the assets on the stage when you scale the stage. You can, however, select them all and scale them together after the stage has been resized, even over multiple frames. I can detail this process if you like, though, be warned, it is VERY processor intensive.
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            bmoussavi Level 1
            Thanks rritchey! Of course I'm bummed to hear the news...but I'll have to make do. I'm hoping that we can find ways to optimize these UI swfs through other methods, possibly though scaleform GFx.

            I've spoken to a few friends who are rather well versed in flash and they seem to have your same sentiments.

            BTW, thanks for offering to help explain to me about onion skinning/edit multiple frames (if that's where you were going with answer #3), but messing with probably around 50 layers and 4000 frames and either of these methods sounds completely inefficient and time consuming. And at this point, putting in all that effort for what might be marginal returns may not be worth it at this point. We'll see though. If push comes to shove, I may have to make some adjustments regardless.

            Thanks again for the response! If anyone else comes along and has any solutions or anything, I'm all ears too...