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    Please help?.. CC subscriber


      Is there a way i can find all hidden frames in my document page?

      We need to do this regularly while editing when some of us make items hidden. Difficult to check for each page.

      I cannot see any option in layers option to make me goto all hidden items of the document.

      Any free plugin?

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          amaarora Adobe Employee


          You wish to find "hidden items on document page" or in your "entire document"?

          If it is "hidden items on document page" do the following:

          1. Goto the desired page from the pages panel

          2. Open the layers panel

          3. There you can see the items that are hidden

          You need to toggle these control to hide/unhide items.


          If it is "hidden items on entire document" do the following(I guess this is an easy way):

          1. Open Preflights panel (windows menu->output->preflight)

          2. Define a new profile

          3. Enable the following entry

          4. Click "Save"

          Now you will see all hidden items with the page they are on. Double clicking on the page number, would navigate you to that page

          You can read more about preflighting here Preflight files in InDesign before handoff to a service provider

          Hope this helps:)


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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP


            what would you like to do with the hidden frames?
            Make them visible in one go?


            Then you could do it with this little ExtendScript (JavaScript) snippets:


            1. Scope is the whole document including master pages and pasteboards:

            app.documents[0].pageItems.everyItem().visible = true;


            2. Scope is all document pages without master pages and pasteboards:

            app.documents[0].pages.everyItem().pageItems.everyItem().visible = true;


            If you want to turn on visibilty of all layers as well add this to the code:

            app.documents[0].layers.everyItem().visible = true;


            If you never worked with ExtendScript scripts see this:

            Indiscripts :: Indiscripts for Dummies




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              gaussa55424322 Level 1

              I would go with simple way given. not comfortable with advanced InDesign.


              Thanks to all