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    Remove Reflections

    ishfaqbaijoo Level 1

      2017-04-12 09_34_40-HA-1330  HB-1292-4.psd @ 61.9% (Layer 0 copy, RGB_8_).png


      Hello, there are two things I need to do for the above picture:


      1. Remove reflections caused by the chairs (which I took out).

      I tried but I got an ugly mat surface, no reflections which i sort of want but without those of the chairs.


      2. I will put the table on a colored background. Problem is how to make the candle glasses transparent and remove the white.


      Please provide me with some tips. It is super urgent!


      Thank you in advance.

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          I don’t know the original image but I suspect what you call »reflections caused by the chairs« are actually the »see-through« of the glass-plate.


          I recommend you make

          • a Group with the overall Layer Mask and inside that

          • a Layer with a Layer Mask for all fully opaque elements and

          • Smart Object instances with Blend If-settings in Groups with Color Overlays to salvage what you can of the glasses highlights and shadows and

          • on separate semi-transparent Layers paint in what else is necessary

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            norman.sanders Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It is difficult to assess the image sharpness in your image but if it is crisp, you may consider creating a mask of the objects where they sit on the glass ands the legs that show through them, then replacing the glass with a suitable flat tone or gray gradient.

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