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    Flash to PHP mail

      I know this isn't strictly a Adobe issue although I am trying to accomplish this with Dreamweaver for my PHP and Flash CS3 for my form source, but maybe someone here can answer this one.
      In my PHP code I am using......
      $message = "Name: " .$theName;
      $message .= "\r\rEmail: ". $theEmail;
      $message .= "\r\rPhone: ". $thePhone;
      $message .= "\r\rMessage: " . $theMessage;
      ......to populate the email with these strings from the flash as2 form. They work great when using Entouage or Mac Mail. But when viewed on webmail the line returns disappear.
      Initally I had tried \n for returns but they did not work and caused the emails to error out and not be generated. I was told that this was because we were using a goDaddy Windows server and \n needed to be changed to a \r.
      So \r works very well except for webmail like Yahoo et al.
      Any idea?