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    Bugs in InDesign 2017.1: tables and overprint

    Peter Brosch Level 1

      After installing InDesign 2017.1 I detected two bugs which I cannot fix. Maybe someone can help me? Or better, dear InDesign developer, please fix these!


      First bug: copying tables

      When I’m copying/duplicating tables, the head and foot row of the pasted table disappear. So I have to re-format it again with styles to bring them back. If the table is not perfectly formatted, there’s no chance to bring back the header and the footer.


      Second bug: overprint failure

      Sometimes, when I re-format an elder indd, the automatic overprint feature (attributes) does not work. For example a colored type on a colored background is marked as overprint which is wrong. So the type is disappearing in the print. In the last versions of InDesign I had no problems with that. I remember that a lot of years before this problem was fixed. Now it’s back again.