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    Why am i getting this solid white screen?

    ezway dvd

      Hi Forum,


      I have a puzzling problem that I can’t work out and am now reaching out for some possible advice.

      The problem is that when I make a duplicate of my project at the final step of the process of making my project I get a solid white screen, which in my tests only appear when I try to import images into a duplicate project.


      Please see the below step by step procedure of the process and the attached accompanying image illustrations.

      Process one:


      1. Import Image 1 into project
      2. Open footage_1 composition and import image 1 into it.
      3. Double click on  01_block_right_left project and image appears in composition window.

      Everything works fine


      Process two:


      1. Create a duplicate of the original project by, selected edit duplicate from the top menu bar
      2. Import image 2
      3. Open footage_2 composition and import image 2 into it.
      4. Double click on  02_block_right_right project and NO image appears in composition window (in my other project I tried this process the screen was a solid white).

      Can any one spot where I am going wrong here. I build a project containing 8 duplicates before I noticed this and hope that I wont need to rebuild them all from scratch.


      Any advice would be kindly appreciated.
















      Hope you can help.