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    Lightroom Mobile default folders (Android)

    fviero Level 1

      Hi all


      I just started using Lr Mobile with a Galaxy S7 Edge because of the raw capture capabilities of this phone. When i shoot a picture, S7 puts both the JPG and the DNG inside the same folder. I was expecting that Lightroom would "see" these DNG´s and be able to import them, which didn´t happen. If i shoot with the embedded Lr camera, it works just fine. The Lr DNG´s are placed inside a newly created folder called "LightroomCamera" and they appear inside Lr as expected. I moved the DNG´s created with the S7 camera inside this folder and Lr was also able to see and import them.


      Is this per design? Isn´t Lr able to scan folders and search for DNG´s? Will i always have to move the files to "Lightroom Camera"?