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    Migration to New Hardware


      I'm an astro-photographer with two installations of PS and Creative cloud, one on my image acquisition Windows 10 laptop (field PC) and one on my Windows 7 Office PC.  I never use the laptop installation because the screen is far too small.  I'm upgrading my office PC to a Windows 10 workstation.  How can I legally install a new version of PS and Creative Cloud on the new workstation?  I'm OK with "decommissioning" the installation on my laptop.

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Creative Cloud allows two simultaneous 'activations' - the software can be installed on any number of computers, but only two can be activated out of demo mode at the same time.


          You can open the Creative Cloud app on the old laptop and choose 'sign out' from the options menu, or if the old PC isn't working just install the software on the new machine and try to log in - it will tell you that there are already two seats in use and offer to sign both out, of course you can sign back in on your laptop the next time you use it. You can also control the activations from your account page on www.adobe.com