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    OK Disc setup? [Branched from Re: To RAID or not to RAID, that is the question]

    terywilson Level 1

      Thank you sooooooooooooo much for this. Hope your still here. Mind helping me with my config? Just want to know if this is a good setup.



      500gb SSD - OS/Programs


      240gb Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD - Conformed/peak files


      4tb Lacie Rugged Raid0 - Media Cache/Previews


      2tb Toshiba (3 650gb partitions ) USB 3.0 - Media/Exports


      1tb Toshiba (2 500gb partitions) USB 3.0 - Project Files




      iMac 27in Retina (Late 2013)

      3.5ghz core i7

      32gb RAM

      NVIDIA GTX 775M 2gb

      El Captain


      Programs I use:


      Premiere Pro CC

      After Effects CC

      Audition CC

      DaVinci Resolve