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    Looking for companies (like ADK) to build 6 Adobe workstations


      Hi there,


      I work for a local government video department and we are updating our video editing set-up.  We want 6 identical high-end system builds.  Problem is, since we are government and this project has an expected budget of over $30K, we can't just go out and buy them straight from ADK (we have one ADK machine now and like it) we have to go through an RFP process where companies propose their solution to fit the bill.


      Unfortunately, although we reached out to them, ADK did not respond to our first round of RFP requests, nor did any other qualifying company so we have to try again.  We are looking for companies with experience in building and supporting Adobe Premiere editing systems specifically.  We don't just want off-the shelf systems, and although we could build them ourselves we want the support from a company that specializes in Adobe systems.


      Can anyone recommend some companies like ADK that we can reach out to that fit this bill?


      Many thanks.