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    Trouble Exporting Video w/ Alpha Channel Into Media Encoder


      Fellow Editors,


      Need a way to streamline our keying workflow.


      Currently rending/exporting clips with alpha channels in Premiere and After Effects takes too long. We need to be able to render/export in the background (through Media Encoder) so we can keep editing and hit our deadline each day; however, we can't seem to find an export setting that allows the clips to be rendered in Media Encoder with an alpha channel.


      Any suggestions?


      Working in Mac OS and currently exporting in CineForm and ProRes 4444 which works but we're trying to minimize the total time it takes to get the keyed footage into a timeline. The Key Plug-in in Premiere isn't working as well as we would like to roundtrip between AE and PR. Would a dynamic link be the fastest option for us, or exporting the CineForm/4444 codecs from AE?