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    Downloading Media Files from server daily at a particular time on a day

    BhaskerChari Level 4
      Hi to All,
      Actually I am building an application which downloads all the media files from the server(includes both video and images) after the download is complete. I will start the slide show of the downloaded media files accessing them m locally.

      ow my problem is I have to download all the media files once in a day at a particular time on a day from the server(The time is set in backend).

      I can acheive this by running a process and connecting to a server. But if I close the application window how the process can run and how it can download media files from the server daily.

      Is there a way so that I can create two applications one for downloading the media files from the server which runs always and runs in the background. Another one is my main application which displays the media files that are downloaded and saved in the local filesystem.

      All suggestions are appreciated.