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    HitTest SlideOut Am I doing this right?

      Hello Everyone,

      I have been at it for couple of days now and cannot seem to get this going the right way. I have written two functions:

      I have a movie clip on stage called (MenuLoader). when mouse test on MenuLoader is return true, slideOut function fires and then clearInterval clears it as soon as the mouse hitTest is true. Well, so far, the slide out works well, but then slideIn slides the menu down regardless of the hitTest.

      Anyway, I would highly appreciate it if anyone can point me in the right direction. What I would like to do is strictly stay with hitTest logic. When hitTest is true, menu slidesOut and the clearInterval() clears the called function, and when user takes the mouse off the menu, it slides back down.

      By the way, I am using LMC Tween for tweening.

      Please see my code.
      Thanks a lot.