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    Substitue fonts with my selection

    sebdea Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have a catalogue in Hebrew. I do not have the original fonts. However, I do not use them since the document was translated into a different language. Now, I have to add back translation into Photoshop file. I need to use Myriad Pro. The fonts would have Regular, Bold, Black and Italic. I noticed that I cannot substitute original fonts with a selection of my own. Instead, PS is making a substitution based on a font selection I do not need. Not to mention that PS does not even substitute them properly: Regular with Regular, Bold with Bold etc.


      As I searched Google and Adobe Help I noticed that the only way I can do that is absolutely unproductive to say the least. Especially because I have text frames that contains Regular and Bold and Black styles of same font. Once I clicked on any of those text frames PS will make a substitution using regular all over.


      Is there any other option to do it more efficient and more accurate? Once I can make substation with my font I will create Paragraph styles and everything will be just fine. I hope.


      Thank you.