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    Crop Tool problems


      I have Elements 12, which is on a Mac computer.


      Usually the programme works with no problems at all, but about six weeks ago, every time I used the crop tool, the photograph I was working on disappeared.  I could get the photo back, but i could not crop the photo.  This lasted for about two days and then seemed to right itself.  Good, I thought.  However about ten days ago this Crop problem re-occurred and I cannot seem to get the problem to go away.


      Any ideas anyone?

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          hatstead Adobe Community Professional

          Reset the crop tool. To do that, look for an icon on the tool's option bar. I think that in PSEv.12 it is a little triangle, top left. If it is not there in your version, look for a box with lines in it, bottom right. Click on the icon to reset.

          If this does not fix it, reset preferences to default via Edit>Preferences>General