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    Printing flattened transparency in PDF from Indesign CS5.5


      I have created a design in Illustrator and exported to PDF 1.5 which prints fine. I always save as a PDF so I can save with crop marks.

      When I import the PDF into InDesign the transparent areas show up as white again.


      I can import and print as a bitmap (TIFF or JPEG) or EPS but these don't include the crop marks


      I have tried to flatten the problem object in Illustrator, but the transparent part of the shadow shows as white.


      This is my normal workflow, so its driving me doolally.


      Any help appreciated.


      As it should look                                        PDF in Indesign                                                       Illustrator with flattened Alpha transparency

      Leaf-trn-normal.jpg Leaf-trn-1.jpg Leaf--Alpha-trn-.jpg