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    Newest InDesign has print dialogue window bug (I think). Info and comparison video in thread.


      Just updated to the newest version of ID CC yesterday.


      I had an 11x17 document open and I went to print it out to one of our copiers. I go command-p and get the print window. I go to setup on the left and look at the preview window and everything looks right in the "P" preview window. I continue through Marks and Bleed, Output, Graphics, etc and everything looks right or I turn on or off what I need. Standard stuff. I print and it all printed out on 8.5 x 11. I'm like WTF? Did I miss something? So I go back to the print window and yep, under Setup, it's set to US Letter. Now. if I have a 11x17 document that is going to print on 8.5x11, the preview window should show 2 boxes. A large grey one with the P filling it out and then if I have 8.5 x 11 selected (even though my document is 11x17) then a smaller white window indicating what the paper size is that I will end up printing on. I'm so used to visually scanning that box as I'm going through the print settings that sometimes (like in this case) I didn't check the Paper Size. Because that window on the left should show something wrong.


      Not sure if there is a setting that I'm missing somewhere but it's not working right. Here is a video I took of the window between IDCS 5.5 and IDCC (newest version)


      idcc - YouTube


      If anybody has any ideas, I need em! Thanks!