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    Trapcode Shine won't work on 3D layers

    Maecillo452 Level 1

      I know this is a Adobe forum, but I don't know where to ask. u.u


      I bought the plugin two weaks ago, I've been working and using each plugin from Trapcode Suite and all of them worked perfectly. Yesterday, I was trying to use the Trapcode Shine V2 in order to get a volumetric light, I know the long way (that was shown by the Videocopilot channel on Youtube) but since my project have a lot of particles I thought that it would be better if I just add a "volumetric light emitter" close to the background.


      Well, I created a circular shape, place it on the BG (not behind), I added it the Shine effect, change the source type to a 3D light called Shine, created the that light and everything was ok. The plugin could found the "relation" to the light that I just created.


      My problem comes when I set the circular shape layer to 3D. The light just "turn off". It's like the plug-in just stops working. I move  the camera, the light, everything but the light just turn off. When I set the layer back to 2D, the light works again. (even, the 2D source type doesn't work neither)


      I precomposed the circular shape layer, and it seems to be the solution because the light works again even on a 3D layer... but the problem is that this "precomposed" shape emmits kind of a "flat" light.  I doesn't interact with the space.


      Getting Started with Trapcode Shine 2 in After Effects - YouTube


      That is the tutorial that I followed.


      If you could help me, it woul be awesome. Thank you in advanced.

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional
          My problem comes when I set the circular shape layer to 3D.

          you should not do that. Shine is a 3D simulated effect, it is supposed to be applied to a 2D layer, and the 3D Magic should happen through the effect itself like all 3D effects.


          this icon is indicated that it's a 3D simulated effect.

          most effects that simulate 3D and allow interaction with a 3D scene and camera have this icon. while they can be interacted with the 3D scene, the layers that contain these effects usually should remain 2D (i.e you should not enable the 3D switch for them)

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            Maecillo452 Level 1

            I don't know how, but now the plugin is working.


            I know it has a problem but, now it works as in the tutorial.




            "Capa de formas 1" is the layer with the Shine effect. But now I have a question. (Hhahah, sorry, I have a long way to go in this world )


            Is it possible to make this light to interact with objects on this 3D space without using an Adjustment layer?


            On the video I shared, the guy made it work in a 3D object and with a normal video source. I'm testing the stuff now, but I can't get this to work without an adjustment layer. haha


            Thank you so much again!

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              RIf you had the composition set to use the Ray-traced or C4D renderer the effect will not work on a 3D layer. There are warning when you choose these render settings In the Advanced tab of Composition Settings.


              If that was not the problem it may have been a simple case of user error.

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                Maecillo452 Level 1

                Ok, this answer why It didn't work before.


                Thank you so much!