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    "Trimming off" excess/ combining two objects by eliminating areas where they don't touch

    InaLandCalledHonahlee Level 1

      Ok, here's the issue I am having. I am creating a document in InDesign and I used two overlapping objects to create my background. I love the way it looks when exported and printed, but I need to create a version of this document that includes 3 copies that will print side by side, and part of my background has excess that sticks out well beyond my bleed marks. I do not want to make that object any smaller because it will affect how it looks. I need to just "trim off'' the excess, or combine the two overlapping objects in a way that eliminates the areas where they do not touch each other. I know this is something I have seen done, but I do not recall how to accomplish it. Here is a screen shot of the edge of my document:

      The black line is the edge of my document, the red line is my bleed mark. The background is made up of a rectangle with a pink and orange gradient applied to it, and a grouped shape made up of line segments that lays over top of it. The rectangle extends only to the bleed line, but the repeating cube shape is much larger. If I resize it to fit within the bleed it will affect the overall look of my background. How do I get rid of the cube pattern that extends outside of the bleed so that I can copy and paste this into a larger document without seeing that excess?