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    How do make a video play when keyboard button is pressed and stop playing when key is released on Adobe Animate?


      Forum and adobe noobie, so sorry if this isn't in the appropriate community.


      But I'm working on a project where I'd like to make two different videos play and stop upon pressing a certain keyboard button.

      Example: If you held down the letter "A" on your keyboard, a video would play and then stop playing when you release the key. And if you held down the letter "B" then another video would play and stop as you hold it down or release. Is this even possible? I assume it's a similar process of applying code for a character to walk or jump depending on which keyboard button the player presses, but I'm not sure how to apply this to an H.264 video instead of a character animation.


      Sorry if I'm not being very clear, I'm not entirely sure how to explain but I'd love some answers from people more experienced than I am! Thanks in advance.