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    Problem printint with Epson ET-2600


      I'm using Lightroom 6.1.1 on Mac OS 10.12.4 and printing to an Epson ET-2600. It seems that no matter how I configure the print settings, the printer is either not printing yellow or printing a much less saturated yellow. I have a photo of pre-sunrise over the ocean with a wide band of yellow just above the horizon and no matter what I do it prints as a light orange. This is obviously not acceptable. Is there anything I can do to correct this. Camera, computer Lightroom and color profilein printer are all set to sRGB colorspace.

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          JoeKostoss Adobe Community Professional

          Are you working with a calibrated monitor?  By this I mean calibrated using an external device such as the DataColor Spyder, ColorMunki or another such device?

          Do you have the correct ICC color profile selected in the printer panel for the paper/printer combination that you are using?

          The latest version of Lightroom is 6.10; you should update your Lightroom to this latest version.

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            joefry99 Adobe Community Professional

            I saw your image on "Ugly Hedgehog" and it looked like a healthy yellow to me.  This makes it -less likely- that your monitor calibration is off much.  You could try to determine if your printer has a problem with yellow by printing some test images: ColorWiki - Test Images for example.  Hopefully (for the sake of diagnosis), you'll see a similar problem there, and that makes it more likely that something is amiss with printer calibration/profile as Joe said - or perhaps ink or jet failure. Here's Epson's checklist Epson ET-2600 | ET Series | All-In-Ones | Printers | Support | Epson US   If that fails, they have a link to Color Management for Mac that you can follow.