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    Photoshop CC - brush offset when using tablet


      Hi all,


      Whenever I use a brush with my graphic tablet (Huion 610PRO because I'm a graphics peasant) the brush is offset by about 50 pixels on my monitor. This happen's regardless of zoom. This is an issue that only happens in Photoshop, only when using the brush, eraser, or clone stamp tool. The graphic's tablet is spot on for every other tool, including shapes. Every other drawing application I've tested is fine. All drivers are up to date. Changing my monitor settings does not help. The problem is only in Photoshop when using these specific tools.


      Before you blame the tablet or my computer, I want to repeat: it is spot on for every other tool in Photoshop and with every tool I've tested in other painting applications.


      What has gone wrong with Photoshop?


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