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    Intra-document Links within an Acrobat Pro DC Portfolio (Please help.)


      I'm immensely grateful for any help the community can provide.


      I'm creating my first PDF portfolio and the set-up hasn't been too bad. I'm mostly "PDF-izing" excel spreadsheets and webpages and including these new PDF attachments along with the main document (also a PDF) when I build the portfolio. Establishing links is also not difficult.


      My problem is this: In setting a link, the "Create Go To View" dialogue box says "Use the scrollbars, mouse and zoom tools to select the target view, then press Set Link to create the link destination."


      This creates the impression that the exact view I have of a particular document is the one I'm going to see when I click the link I just established (following clicking the "Set Link" button in the dialogue box). However, in testing the link (going from the main document to one of the attachments), I find that I'll get to the attachment I intended but sometimes the resultant view is different from the expected view (i.e. I'll land as much as a page down from where I want to).


      Is this an unreasonable expectation of the software (for a link to point to the precise part of a page that I want)? Or am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug?


      Please help and many thanks; I appreciate it.


      (Also, for reference: I'm doing this on a regular desktop PC.)