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    Flash Page Flip advice please


      I have recently purchased Flipping Book from http://page-flip.com/ and would like some advice please.

      I want to use this flash product to display a product catalogue from a supplier. They have supplied the catalogue as 56 separate jpeg files.

      In order to assign links to areas within the catalugue I need to convert all the pages to .swf files and then use them within Flipping Book.

      So, I'm wondering what is the best approach to this as it seems to be laborious.

      Do I need to import each page jpg into flash, assign buttons and then export as swf for each and every page or is there a method I can import all pages into one flash document, assign the links to all pages and then export each page as a separate swf.

      For flipping book to work each page has to be a separate file.

      here is a link to the flipping book I have created although at the moment it is just using the jpegs.

      Many thanks, James