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    LR Multithreading and process prioritization

    AMDphreak Level 1

      Dear Adobe,


      I have used Lightroom on several different computers, and I've noticed that on MacOS, Lightroom prioritizes processes and handles multithreaded operations more fluidly than on Windows. Are there any plans to fix this idiotic discrepancy?


      I've used Lightroom on an Intel Core i7-6700K overclocked to 4.4 GHz with 4 cores / 8 threads, with 16 GB of DDR4-2666MHz RAM and an nVidia GeForce 650Ti (which scores extremely high on 2D operations on Passmark, but low on 3D operations). Even with this near-industrial level of computing power, Lightroom still performs miserably.


      My specific complaint is that during exporting or doing ANY background process in Lightroom, the interface is unresponsive. Not only this, but I export my photos 3 different times (for different media platforms with different image size requirements). I can never streamline this process and have to go to the Export thing 3 separate times every time, and after 2 export processes are running, the interface takes 1,000,000% longer to respond to click events. This happens only a little bit on a Mac Pro trashcan with 6 cores.


      Not only that, but every other app runs very slowly during these export processes. When is Adobe going to do the smart thing and put in a way to control this? There are two ways I can think of.


      Feature request: Please separate the export thread from the main thread! Let the OS handle the thread CPU time, so that Lightroom and other apps don't become unresponsive. LR has crashed during exports before, because of this thread mismanagement!


      The second, (and less sophisticated solution): It seems like a pretty brain-dead easy stop-gap solution to introduce a feature in the settings or in the export dialog to limit the number of cores the process uses, so that users can continue to use their computer while a non-urgent export process runs in the background.


      Feature request: Make it possible to use multiple export profiles in a single run. This should streamline the export process and reduce the number of memory operations required, when the same file is being used between multiple export processes!


      Thank you,


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          Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is set up as a user-to-user forum, so Adobe might not see everything you write here. But there is an official Lightroom Feedback site (link below) where you can enter feature requests and bug reports, and other users can add votes to your submissions.


          The difference between this site and that one is on that site, Adobe staff are much more likely to respond directly and follow up as issues are addressed; Lightroom release notes about fixes often link straight back to originating pages on the Lightroom Feedback site.


          Photoshop Lightroom | Photoshop Family Customer Community


          A search on "performance cpu core" at that site brings up several discussions about how Lightroom uses CPU cores.

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