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    [OT]  Forum Flicker Using Chrome

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

      I switched to Chrome from Firefox about a week ago, mainly because I suspected that either the Firefox YouTube Flash Player Add-On or Adblock was causing constant lockups on YouTube.  I liked Firefox because of its Add-ons, but Chrome seems to have as many, and YouTube is now working for me, but I am getting an annoying flicker when posting to this forum.  It happens when the text window fills up, and instead of scrolling, the page jumps.  If anyone knows a quick fix for this I'd be grateful. (But I will try Google for myself)


      Another thing is that one of the first Add-ons I installed with Chrome was Open with Photoshop.  There are two of them, but only one worked, so I deleted the other.  Now nether are working?  Grrrrr.   I have both of them installed again btw.