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    Invalid JPEG marker


      So, just got a new PC and have installed LR5 and PSE15.

      When trying to export RAW files (cr2 and NEF) from LR to PSE as jpegs using Ctrl/Alt/E or through the menus, PSE displays a msg .....


      "could not complete you request because an unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found"


      I also do NOT get the normal option box with the choices, "edit a copy using LR adjustments, edit a copy or edit original"

      PSE just opens with the error msg.

      The file names appear to be normal jpeg type: ei; _____.jpg

      It seems LR is corrupting these files somehow.

      If I try to open any other jpegs from disk they open normally in PSE


      Any help Please !!!!

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi Johnny,


          Please take a look at this article Invalid JPEG Marker error when opening images in Adobe Photoshop and follow the steps mentioned,(though the article is specific to Photoshop, but the solution might help).

          Let us know how it goes.




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            Johnny66601 Level 1


            Yes, have already done all that.

            What I don't understand is that it is LR itself that is creating and naming the JPEG file when I try to export the raw file as a JPEG.

            Kinda crazy.

            I have used this method on my old PC for years with no problems, admittedly with PSE10, not 15.

            I have checked the file handling options in LR and there doesn't seem to be anything unusal there.

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              Johnny66601 Level 1

              The plot thickens .....

              Changed the additional external editor to PSE10 and it works fine.

              However I can't use 10 with my QHD screen.

              Changed it back to PSE 15, but this time used "Photoshop Elements 15.0.exe" as the extension to send it to.

              PSE15 opens, but there is no open file, or no "invalid JPEG marker" msg.

              Just an empty screen.

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                Johnny66601 Level 1

                Have installed PSE15 on my old PC and it all works fine with exactly the same settings in LR.

                The fault must lie in the new PC in windows itself somewhere

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                  WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                  I do not have or use Ps-Elements, but in previous versions the problem was that "Photoshop Elements xxx.exe" is not the program that external editor preferences should show.

                  "Adobe Photoshop Elements EDITOR.exe" is the program required.

                  Check this in the preferences and see if it makes a difference.

                  Two links to read-


                  http://lightroomkillertips.com/the-secret-to-getting-photoshop-elements-to-work-with-light room/

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                    Johnny66601 Level 1

                    Thanks for the reply....

                    I have tried that, as that is what I previously used and know works, but when I do, that's when I get the "invalid JPEG marker" msg.

                    LR creates the file, but sends me that msg (even though it created the file itself !!!!!) and even if I try to navigate to the created file and manually open it in PSE I still get the msg.

                    When I try to send to the external editor I should get a popup options box giving me the 3 choices of how I want the file to be handled, but it doesn't appear.


                    If I use the "Adobe Photoshop Elememts 15" program instead as the additional editor, PSE opens but with a blank screen, however I can navigate to the created file and it will open normally. Painful when working on many files.


                    I have installed both programs on my old PC (Toshiba) and using your recomended settings it operates normally.

                    Using EXACTLY the same settings on the new PC (Dell) I get the above results.

                    I have played with the "hide file extensions" options in explorer and it makes no difference.

                    Can only assume it is some setting in windows itself or an obscure setting in LR file handling on the new PC.

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                      WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                      Sorry I do not have an answer to your problem.

                      My one suggestion might be to un-install all Ps-Elements from the new PC, re-boot, install only PSE15. Try again, or contact Adobe support to see if they can correct.


                      Side notes:

                      "hide file extensions" (in File Explorer) should have no effect, this is only a 'visual' change to see or not, the file extension.

                      If PSE15 installs correctly, it should appear as the Default editor and accept an image to open by the Ctrl+E shortcut.

                      The popup "options box giving the 3 choices" normally does not appear for raw files if the Camera Raw version in the external editor equals or exceeds the Lightroom version of 'embedded' ACR. (So ACR in PSE15 may be better than LR5- hence no choices)

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                        Johnny66601 Level 1

                        Thanks again .....

                        Will try that.

                        On my other PC with identical installations I do get the popup box.