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    Height of layer depending its scale


      Hello everybody,


      I'm working on a UI on After Effects and I want to automate it with expressions.


      I'm kinda stuck right now. Here's my issue :


      I have a shape layer (SL 1) whose scale is animated. Above it, i have an other shape layer (SL 2). I want the SL 2 to never cross the SL 1, I want it to slide along when the SL 1 is growing up (as in Apple OS Desktop interface toolbar).


      For that, I want to get the height/width of my SL 1. I used sourceRectAtTime() but unfortunately, this expression doesn't considered the evolution of my scale.


      Is there a way to get the height/width of a layer evolving as my scale is changing ?


      Is there a "toComp" expression but for scale's values ?


      Tell me if I'm not clear on my demand.


      Thank you very much !