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    FlashUI Development for Adobe illustrator CS6

    nathans47916809 Level 1

      Dear Friends,

      I want to know how to Develop User Interface using Flash builder for Adobe illustrator CS6(Windows and Mac).

      I  installed Flash builder 4.7 From Adobe Creative cloud in Mac Machine.

      And Downloaded Creative Suite SDK which contains CS Flex SDK 3.4.0 and CS Flex SDK 4.5.0.

      Then I Make the FreeGridUI as zip and Trying to import as Flash builder project.Then the following window shows.

      I set /Users/Admin/Desktop/Creative Suite SDK/__MACOSX/cssdk-free/CreativeSuiteSDK/libs/cslibs/1.5/3.4/release as CSLIBS path.Is it is Correct?.

      Here I am having a doubt what will be the input path for CSAR.

      I viewed CS_SDK_Guide.pdf but I can’t get the answer.

      I viewed on discussions but I not Clear now about  where I start the the flash UI development and what are the requirements(For example to open FreeGridUI and make some changes in UI and create swf and finally make a zxp to install).

      Please note that: I am confused about the following

      (1) It is Necessary to Insatll Flash Flash builder separately or Insatll it with Eclipse(Help->Install New Software)


      (2) It is Necessary to Insatll the Extension builder as a new Software In Flash builder(Help->Install New Software).


      I am not clear about versions of Flash builder and Extension builder.


      Please guide me to start flashUI development.


      Thank you friends,