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    Additional External Editor


      So, have been using LR5 and have been using PSE10 as my external editor on a PC.

      Sometimes I want to export to PSE as a jpeg so have set up the "additional" external editor to export the file as a jpeg and use the Ctrl/Alt/E shortcut to do so.

      Fanatasic !

      Now, have bought a new PC and installed LR5 and now PSE15 (10 wouldn't work on my lovely new QHD screen) and set EXACTLY the same settings.

      The files appear as Tif's !!!!!! ie; it appears it is sending to the external editor and not the ADDITIONAL external editor.

      The keyboard shortcut should not be any different, as it's the same version of LR and if I use the menu to get there, same result.

      Pulling my hair out trying to fix it.



      Can any one help please ?