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    3ds to AE CC ?!


      Hi there !

      I'm trying to understand ho to export camera movement from Autodesk 3ds (PC) to After effects CC (Mac).

      In it possible in any way ?


      I search for a couple of hour and this is what i found:

      - Autodesk plug in called "composer link..." no longer work with CC.  (only on PC)

      - I found a plug in, but seems work only with 3ds and AE on the same machine (PC)

      - and then this video. (Currently only available to 3ds Max Subscription users).


      Any help ??

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Long before all of these things there used to be a free set of MAXScript scripts that generated a JSX script to be run in AE which would produce the comps and get across 3D data and keyframes. Perhaps it's still around...