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    Help with converting my image to CMYK and 300dpi.


      Hello, i have a image which i will send to a site, to get printed as vinyl stickers. The site want the image to be in CMYK (no specifik profile) and 300 dpi. I tried to convert this file to CMYK and 300dpi the last days, but it's really hard for me, since i have no knowledge/experience in this.


      I would really appreciate if someone with knowledge could help me to convert the image to CMYK and 300 dpi.
      It's a .jpeg file in sRGB, with 72 dpi.

      I believe i won't be able to fix this by myself, since i don't have adobe InDesign which seem to be the tool for this.

      Here's the image: http://m.imgur.com/l7E3DqO

      If someone could convert it to CMYK with 300 dpi, that would be great.