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    How did you become a photoshoper?


      Hello, guys. I'm one of the editors of a wedding retouching blog, and I have a task to write an article about people's choice to work as retouchers. If there are someone who uses PS well, please respond. Answer the following questions:



      1. How long you are in PS?

      2. Mark your skills level (Beginner, Intermediate, Pro)

      3. Do you have a job related to editing photos? (if yes, freelance or full time job)

      4. What is your favorite type of work in PS? (creating wallpapers, edit wedding photos, etc)



      I'll be very glad to listen your answers,

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          Surprised no one's answered this. I don't do retouching that often, though.


          1. 4 years? I can't remember offhand. It was when Photoshop went Creative Cloud. I was using Photoshop Elements for a few years before that.

          2. Maybe pro? I don't wanna toot my own horn here. I know the Layers panel, adjustments, masks, etc.

          3. Kind of an enthusiast with some freelancing.

          4. Compositing.

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            Bahaar Khan Level 4

            I have been using Ps since 1 year now.

            I would put myself in the intermediate category....still a long way to be a pro.

            I am a professional graphic designer and visualiser working for an ad agency in Delhi(India).

            My favourite kind of work is making social media creatives for various brands.

            You can even take a look at my behance profile.


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              Semaphoric Adobe Community Professional

              I had bought an HP Scanner, which came bundled with a Lite version of Aldus Photostyler. I registered it,and when Adobe bought Aldus, they sent me a copy of Photoshop 3.0, and the Just-Released 4.0 a few days later.


              Since then [Digital delivery after CS2]:


                   Old PS.jpg

              After all this time, I would say I'm intermediate but confident around Photoshop. There's always something new to learn.


              Like Warunicorn, I am an enthusiast with some freelancing. I spent years as a wet-lab darkroom tech, and was fascinated by what the "DIgital Guys" in the lab did, but they were always very secretive about how it all worked. After a few years I worked at a place where I did the retouching, on some software one step from Microsoft Paint. They wouldn't allow Photoshop on premise (probably licensing issues). I would think of my Photoshop at home and shake my head.


              I am retired now, and mostly work on my own stuff, landscapes and city-scapes (many of which are panoramas).

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                conorv82668446 Level 1

                1. I've been working in Photoshop on and off for about 7 years, but day-to-day for about a year and a half now

                2. Whatever skill is between intermediate and pro. I always feel as if I might have reached pro, until I see a lesson or tutorial showing me a whole new set of skills or workflows I never knew about

                3. I do, i'm a lead graphic designer. Editing photos is less common than creating graphics in my position, but I try to include it as much as possbile

                4. Photo manipulation and composition, by far. Creating scenes comprised of separate images and photos