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    Feature Request: Make us work from multiple computers


      I have a workstation with Lightroom. Also, I would like to be able to sit in my living room with a Surface Pro and a pen to edit images sometimes. Today, LR Mobile doesn't give me enough. I need to work within native Lightroom on both places.


      I haven't found a good solution to this. Lightroom database and imported images stored on a service like Dropbox is not good enough, and too risky. 


      I think Adobe should support this. Working with smart previews is good enough I guess.


      Have tried to sync both computers to LR Mobile, but that was a mess.


      Or is there a solution for this?


      Also, I would say it's normal to have 1) a workstation, 2) a laptop, and a 3) tablet to work on. Adobe should increase number for logged in computers in creative cloud from 2 to 3.



      Frode Slettum