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    Adobe AE & Premiere CC Slow down after BSOD


      Hey everybody,

      I've read a lot of discussions about this subject, but never found an answer. So I'll try to describe it by myself.

      I have laptop, Dell 5510 Precision (i7-6820HQ, 16GB RAM, Nvidia M1000M 2GB, SSD 512 GB, Windows 7, AE & PREMIERE CC 2015),

      I have this machine for one year and everything was working great till last month.

      I opened After Effects and in starting loading screen it did Blue Screen. The computer restarted, and every time i opened or AE or Premiere it BSOD again and again (Dell checked and told me it was a software collapse) - I tried to open Photoshop and it was fine. So I closed the computer, turned it on after an hour. This is the point where everything became a mess. I opened After Effects, at the loading screen it was scanning folders and cleaning up for a minute (before that it took around 10 seconds), but it gave me to use the program. No BSOD anymore. i tried to work but the Adobe programs worked really slow. From the loading screen, opening of projects, moving the mouse, rendering, exporting, it was like 3 times slower that before. I read that maybe third party plug ins can be cause, or maybe the version of the programs. So i installed CC 2017 versions, it didn't help, same problem. I ran tests on the computer's hardware, talked with Dell, the ran full test on the machine. Everything was fine. I even played GTA 5, it ran smoothly like before. I updated all drivers and bios. Nothing. Then i tried to re-install my windows. The installation went unsuccessful, twice, wrote me error: "Windows could not configure one or more system components. To install Windows, restart the computer and then restart the installation".

      Dell told me that they want to give me a new SSD with Windows 7 on it. New, clean system. After i had a new SSD and operation system, i installed all the drivers, and the first thing i did is install AE and PREMIERE CC 2017. Nothing changed. Same slow start, work process and render. Now i installed CC 2015 again back, just to check. Nothing again.

      I'm really really confused. Is that hardware? but how if the game was doing well and tests didn't show any problems. Software? I'm suspicious about the Graphic card...maybe it is a driver? Now i have a 361.75 driver update. maybe i need to roll it back?

      I hope I explained enough details...would be a happy man to hear some possible solutions.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would suggest contacting Adobe support just to have them take a look.

          Different software uses hardware in different ways, so something working well in one area doesn't necessarily mean it'll work fine for something else.

          The fact that you have a brand new hard drive with a brand new OS and the problem continues, points to a hardware issue somewhere else, but it could be a software conflict or other things as well. It's just that hardware is my first thought. What other software have you installed?

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            efimg83772076 Level 1

            Thank you for you help. I will try contact with Adobe. The programs ran very well before this happen, so maybe the problem is in hardware, the problem is that the tests shows that there is no problem, without a problem i don't think Dell will replace me parts of the computer...for now on the new system i have: After effects, premiere, photoshop, lightroom (the last 2 working well), VLC player, quicktime...that's all i have installed.

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              Horshack Level 4

              BSOD's typically can't be caused by application software because the operating system and processor architecture are designed to isolate applications and prevent them from compromising the integrity of the OS. That's not to say there aren't OS bugs that sometimes allow misbehaving apps to compromise the OS but those are very rare. If you're getting a BSOD it's either because a driver is misbehaving or because you have a hardware fault. I realize you're not getting BSOD's anymore but if you could share some of the details of a few you saw that might shed some light into what your'e experiencing now - they might be related - for example the specific stop codes / messages you saw.

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                efimg83772076 Level 1

                what do i experiencing now?...i don't have BSOD anymore. When i try to work on my projects, i feel very uncomfortable in a work process, specially i feel it in AE. The feeling is like when you play an online game and it's lagging. The operations are not smooth. It starts when the project is loading, it takes a lot of time. Then when i'm working the mouse have a slight very slight delay when i'm pressing something. Or let's say if i put some text in composition, and i type it, it takes time for the computer to show me text that i wrote. When i rendering for preview, when render is finished, it rights me that the preview show is realtime: 25 fps. and i watch it in loops. But i see that the preview is not smooth, it looks jumpy. And this is very annoying. Now, It doesn't mater if it is a 4k composition, HD composition, if it has a video footage, or just motion graphics...this slow feeling is always there, but of cause when the composition becoming more and more complicated it takes much more time for him to move.

                I made a small test, an export from Premiere of 4 min long HD sequence - inside the sequence it was 4000X2000 image sequence, the footage was on external hard drive. In same conditions i made export from my Dell laptop and from my PC (that before the problems have started was slower than Dell). In dell it took me 40 minutes to finish the export. In PC twice faster.

                Do you need some other info?

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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  How is the external hard drive connected?

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                    efimg83772076 Level 1

                    USB 3 in both computers.

                    it was just for a check...normally all my data and projects are on SSD of the computer.


                    PLEASE PLEASE i need some help. Dell support ask to close this problem with adobe first, so if there is no problem with software they will take it on them...

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                      efimg83772076 Level 1

                      Today Dell tech will come to change the motherboard.

                      As they see it, it can cause the problem. I'm a little skeptic about that process that the change parts without really knowing...

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                        Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Did it get things working for you?

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                          efimg83772076 Level 1

                          WoW, Yes, it is! They replaced the mother board to a new one, i discovered something that i didn't know, that in this laptop the CPU and the Graphic card, Nvidia Quadro M1000M, are part of the mother board. What means that the replaced all the computer...Yes, now it works good as it was before!

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                            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Great! I'm glad it's working. Please mark your post as correct to close out the thread and so future people can see the solution more quickly.