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    Photoshop takes down my Mac - constantly

    ChrisIsAtWork Level 1

      It happens several times a week... I'll be working on anything, anything, with Photoshop in the background.

      God help me if I have my headphones on, listening to YouTube or music, when suddenly...

      The Mac starts making noises through the headphones, loudly, and the screen freezes. No warning, no slowdowns.

      Up to 10 seconds of this madness, and as I rub my ears, the machine shuts down.

      A few seconds later, it boots back up like nothing happened and it stares at me wondering why I have that face.


      I've reviewed what I can in the Console for error and crash messages. The Mac itself doesn't tell me it crashed.


      I just found out that this last crash took all my work for the past hour. Not great timing, as I just had a group of people come over to review it. My stomach is actually lurching.


      I've heard about this CEPHtmlEngine issue - but I'm not going to swear that's the problem. Any help is appreciated. In the meantime, I hope I can remember everything I did on this project.