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    Sync pending in both Lightroom CC and Mobile




      I have read a few threads with similar issues but found no answer to resolve my issue.


      I have deleted the Sync.lrdata folder and restarted Lightroom (CC 2015.10 on Mac). It quickly counts down from 4000 to "Syncing 3 photos". The Sync activity list shows 141 downloading. The sync details for those say that the file was not uploaded successfully.

      LR Mobile on iOS shows Uploading 138 Pending. Nothing happens.

      Updated the OS, updated the apps, restarted computer/iPhone, signed out/in of Lightroom on Mac and Mobile, kept LR Mobile in foreground. Why are they still stuck? Any help appreciated.


      In the sync activity list, there are 3 which are different in the "Sync Details/Errors" column.

      For the other 138, clicking that column with the filename, it says "The original image XX was not uploaded successfully. Please laugh Lightroom on 'iPhone' and allow it to finish syncing.

      The 3 which are different show nothing when clicking the filename. The filename shows another name of the device though "Maria's iPhone".