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    fast forward or backward keys not working while playing Blu-Ray disk


      Hi all,


      I created a HD film (camera “Sony AX53”) in HD (XAVC S) format. I burned the film on a Blu-Ray disk (M-Disc -R). Everything worked fine and I can play my disk on my “Panasonic DMP-BDT 465”. The only problem is that I cannot use the fast forward or backward key on my Panasonic. A message “Action not allowed” pops up on the TV screen. I know this from other purchased films with some parts (advertisements) of the disk but when the film starts, it works fine. So there must be something that prevents the use of these functions. I don’t find anything about this in the Premiere manuals, nor in the doc of the Blu-ray reader. Can someone help please?

      For completeness: my film is created with Premiere 14 on a Windows 10 PC (with Creators update). Specs film: 1920 x 1080; H.264 Blu-Ray; 25 fps; Dolby Digital, 192kbps 48 kHz; 2 ; 39 min.


      Kind regards,