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    Optimal memory setup for i7 7700k rig

    Billy from Consett Level 1

      Hi All

      Questions for new i7 7700k build. I'm a little confused re dual channel memory CPU. I plan to use 32gb ram for CS6. Two or four sticks? Any benefit /issues using four sticks over two?

      For an automatic Asus style overclock, will I need particularly high speed ram, ie 3000+MHz?


      Many thanks

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          the memory controller usually will handle two sticks at higher/max speeds vs 4 sticks. so if you were going for max memory speeds it would be better for two, or if you just want room to add more later then 2. the i7-7700k only has dual channel support, so there is no performance benefit for 4 sticks vs 2 sticks. if you are using a 4 core cpu, you are likely doing HD/1080p editing, which likely won't see any benefit from faster than stock ram speeds of ddr4-2400. if you want faster, dd4-3000-3200 speeds are usually decently priced. the memory controller will likely handle 4 sticks at those speeds as well. last i heard, the asus overclock software doesn't adjust the memory. some xmp profiles will change the baseclock and that could throw off the asus overclock, so it would need to be manually adjusted.

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            Billy from Consett Level 1

            Thanks for your thoughts. I think I'll plum for a pair of 16gb 3000MHz sticks when I put this rig together.