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    To Okay Samurai


      I posted this on one of your YouTube tutorials: "Thanks for doing this video, been really helpful! Im doing a project for uni and I don't know if I have over complicated the images or not but it doesn't seem to move and flow as smoothly as yours.....like most if not all. Any suggestions?"


      Im hoping this is what you meant, and not to post the CH or PS file O.o


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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Thanks. What is the main issue you're facing? It just runs slow? Do you have a lot of dangle or head turns? If you turn off those behaviors, does it run any faster?


          Or if possible, could you share here or DM me your .puppet file (File > Export > Puppet) via a shared link on Google Drive, Dropbox, or Creative Cloud to take a closer look?

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            pacol38509684 Level 1

            Hi Dave,



            1- What is this error.


            2-Any tips to avoid dropped fames? My computer has 32g of ram yet i still get dropped frames.




            Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 4.13.21 PM.png

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              CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

              Did you use the Reset Layer command on a layer by any chance? We've fixed a similar situation in the forthcoming Beta 6. But if you send us your puppet (as suggested above) we'll check to make sure. And also we can look at your dropped frames problem. Note that dropped frames when running live can be avoided by exporting a PNG sequence or dynamic linking into AE/PPro. Of course if it's actual live broadcasting you're doing that won't help you.

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                Jyngo Level 1

                Here's the link to my creative cloud file https://adobe.ly/2p2Auzd


                Its not finished yet, still needs head turns and hands but it just fells

                very clunky and stiff. Thank you for your help

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                  oksamurai Employee Moderator

                  Hi Sarah - Unfortunately I wasn't able to download - the CH Media folder seems to be empty so no puppet is showing up. Is it possible to just send the .puppet file (File > Export > Puppet)?

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                    Jyngo Level 1

                    sorry, I've uploaded the puppet file (hopefully) https://adobe.ly/2ofeMmD

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                      CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

                      I'm seeing an error message (though different from the one you posted), we'll look into that further. It's not the case I was expecting.


                      After dismissing the error message, the puppet seems to work fine (all the way up to 60fps). What are you doing when you see the dropped frames? Could you send a screen recording?

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                        oksamurai Employee Moderator

                        Thanks, that worked! It looks nice over here, just a few notes:


                        1. The biggest issue - the PSD resolution looks like it's 299ppi. Lowering that to the normal screen resolution of 72 should help tremendously (although unfortunately you'll need to re-import/rig your character because all the sizing is going to change).


                        2. The "Right Eyebrow" group for some unknown reason is way bigger than it should be. I'm really not sure what's going on here - did it maybe have more artwork earlier or got moved around somehow?


                        3. If you have a lot of independent and/or draggable parts, then everything is going to move around pretty crazy. So my recommendation would be to make the body and legs non-independent and keep them fixed, which should keep her firmly planted on the ground. If you wanted draggable leg movement as well you could set up a system where you swap in a new set of draggable legs with key triggers or something like that.


                        Hope that helps a little!


                        Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 11.35.40 AM.png

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                          Jyngo Level 1

                          Really? I'll try do a video aand email it you

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                            CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

                            If oksamurai's suggestion of reducing the PSD file size fixes the problem for you, no need to send the screen recording. It's currently 3543 x 3543, which may be too big for your GPU memory (which is different than CPU memory).

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                              Jyngo Level 1

                              Thank you, sorry didnt see the earlier message. I think the eyebrow is

                              because i haven't cropped it in photoshop maybe. Easily sorted though. I'll

                              try do all the things suggested, rather have it looking right and spending

                              a bit longer on it. I will let you how it goes. Thank you so much for your


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                                pacol38509684 Level 1

                                Hello Adobe guys,


                                I am having trouble figuring out what are the best settings to export my scene in order to retain Alpha.



                                When I export my scene I wind up with files that are 3 to 4 gigs for only two minutes or one minute animations which media encoder settings would you recommend?


                                my goal is to record my puppet in CH with alpha background, then finish it in After Effects or Premierr Pro





                                I have a imac os x with 32 gigs ram

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                                  oksamurai Employee Moderator

                                  Hi Paco - Have you tried dynamic link? That's our best recommendation for getting stuff from CH to AE and PR.